• About us
    We’re not scientists; we’re not academics; we’re a creative
    agency of smart, hardworking people with a world class
    curiosity about the hidden forces that drive human behaviour.

  • How we think
    How do people behave now? How do we want them to behave?
    And what can we learn from the credible, proven fields of
    decision science to bring about this change?

  • Our work
    Our new agency has already applied behaviour change
    thinking to some of marketing's toughest challenges,
    including obesity and cancer prevention.

  • Tobacco control
    When the World Lung Foundation reviewed anti smoking campaigns from around the world to find the most effective,
    over half of the 21 selected were Paul Fishlock's.

  • Banks to beef to undies
    We’re currently best known for our social marketing campaigns, but in previous lives we’ve worked on just about every
    public and private sector category going.

Every marketing problem is a behaviour change problem. At its simplest, how do people behave now and how do we want them to behave in the future? It’s a great way to keep everyone totally focused on the only outcome that matters.
We love funny, clever stuff and love it when our work is talked about. But we never forget we’re not in the entertainment business, we are in the influence business, where sometimes it’s better
if the influencer’s hand is nowhere to be seen.
We immerse ourselves in the worlds of decision science and behavioural economics, and draw inspiration from the amazing stuff we find there. Marketing will never be science but it’s a lot more science than many working in it currently realise.